At Water Way Pool & Spa, we provide all of the pool accessories and pool equipment you need to maintain and enjoy your pool. Our selection of pool accessories and pool equipment ranges from cleaners and skimmers to ladders and pool covers, ensuring that we have the right solution for all of your pool needs. With our reliable and cost-effective pool accessories and pool equipment, you can be sure that your pool is always clean, safe, and ready to enjoy. Visit us today to explore our selection of pool accessories and pool equipment!

Hayward Pool Equipment

For over 80 years, Hayward has been making the pool ownership experience more enjoyable with cutting-edge, technologically advanced pool equipment. Our goal is to make it easy to maintain your pool, so you can focus on turning the equipment on and off. Our Totally Hayward System has all the products you need for the perfect backyard pool environment - from pumps, filters, and heaters to automatic cleaners, lighting, and wireless controls. And of course, all our products are engineered to maximize efficiency and minimize hassle. That's why Hayward strives to take the worry out of pool ownership with reliable, easy-to-maintain equipment that adds value to your investment.


Water Way Pool & Spa has many step and ladder choices, ranging from A-frame to deck mount styles, so stop into our showroom or call for more info to find the perfect addition to your pool today!


Hayward's automated pool cleaners provide exemplary cleaning power, dependability, and ease of use to pool owners. Whether it be their innovative robotic pool cleaners or their exceptional pressure and suction cleaners, Hayward has the right solution for your pool cleaning needs.

Doughboy Pool Equipment

Doughboy has a distinguished 75-year legacy of constructing premium pools and other related items. Elevate your backyard sanctuary to the next level with superior Doughboy equipment, designed to provide the same exceptional product quality as their pools.

Hydrotools Maintenance Equipment

Achieve pristine and enjoyable pool water with Hydrotools Maintenance Equipment! Our array of products offers an array of ways to maintain your pool; from vacuums, skimmer nets, leaf rakes, and brushes, your pool is sure to stay in perfect condition.

Filter Media

At Water Way Pool & Spa, you can find a wide variety of filtration media, such as diatomaceous earth, carbon, and zeolite, for your swimming pool.

Replacement Parts

Our Water Way Pool & Spa experts are on hand to swiftly help you find the perfect hose, clamp, fitting, adapter, seal, gasket, cap or any other part needed for your project. We provide individualized assistance, so come and visit us for more details!