Many people dream of owning hot tubs. Indeed, hot tubs are considered to be the ultimate luxury item for some homeowners. They are inviting pools of bubbling water that can increase relaxation after a long day of work or on cold, chilly nights. For some people, spas can even serve medicinal and rehabilitative purposes. Regardless of whether you want a hot tub in your home simply for relaxation purposes or rehabilitative ones, DreamMaker Spas has virtually every type of spa you could think of for your backyard.

The Revolutionary Crossover 730L with Pearl glaze Finish

The new Crossover 730L is the next generation of affordable luxury spas designed to rival the look and functionality of acrylic spas at a fraction of the price.

  • Smooth contour full-body lounge
  • 30 full flow adjustable jets
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Cabana Suite Collection

  • Built-in Overhead Umbrella and matching Spa Cover made with Weather Shield material
  • Built-in Cover Lifter to make removing and replacing your spa’s cover simple
  • Built in Fold-up Table perfect for holding drinks, games and more
  • Built-in Cooler to keep drinks cold
  • Integrated Easy Access Suite Steps with Handrail includes Side Well Planters plus Storage Compartments inside each step
  • True Form Everlast Headrest Pillows
  • Fountain with LED back light
  • Adjustable 2-Tone Jets
  • Footwell LED Light
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Comfort Collection & Suites

Looking for a hot tub that’s easy to use? The Comfort Collection is the ultimate way to dip a toe into a little luxury without leaving your backyard. These hot tubs are plug and play! Built with quality in mind, they are designed to be simple to operate and own, while providing comfortable seating for up to six. Tremendous value is built into each of the three models in the Comfort Collection, so you’ll be sure to find one that’s perfect for you. Enjoy powerful massage jets as you relax in your hot tub’s warm waters and let your stress float away. Why wait? Live your dream today with DreamMaker Spas.

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Contour Collection & Suites

Do you want to make everyone you know say, `wow’? If you’re interested in modern, sleek design that makes a statement, the Contour collection pushes the boundaries of what a hot tub can be at a price you can afford. Stairs, handrail and cover lifter are all incorporated into one with this stunning collection. All you choose is the color, as everything is already here. Beautiful on the outside and inside, this hot tub serves up to 50 jets and elite dual filtration so you can live the luxury life with ease. Whether you’re looking to relax after a long day or entertain friends and family, the Contour Collection has a hot tub for you. Live your dream today with a DreamMaker Spa!

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