At Water Way Pool & Spa, we have the best selection of DreamMaker and Marquis Spas available in our hot tub store. If you’re looking for the perfect hot tub for your home, we invite you to come and test soak with us. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer any questions you may have, and we have a wide selection of spas to choose from. To get started, please fill out the form on our website to schedule a test soak today. We look forward to helping you find the perfect spa for your home!

DreamMaker Spas

DreamMaker Spas are the optimal solution for having a serene spa experience from the comfort of home. Ranking as the #1 U.S. value spa by Trade Certified, DreamMaker Spas are both cost-effective and long-lasting. With easy setup and operation, users will save time on maintenance and can spend more time enjoying their spa. Made of Syncrylic, the unibody construction is strong and has an aesthetically pleasing finish that won't rust, rot, peel or split. Moreover, DreamMaker Spas are energy efficient and boast superior insulation and heating technology for minimal energy costs.

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Marquis Spas

A Marquis is designed for optimum performance, featuring water pumps that create a powerful current and deliver it to strategically crafted seating areas. From invigorating hydrotherapy to gentle relaxation, you'll find the perfect seat for you. For social occasions, the highest-end entertainment features, such as Bluetooth connections and high-grade speakers and docks, will help you spend time with your family and friends in ultimate comfort.

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