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Gladon Happy Bottom

HappyBottom Pool Pad can add years of life to a pool and its liner. Made from a special high density closed cell polyethylene foam, HappyBottom Pool Pad acts as a vapor barrier to keep potentially harmful water away from metal components and the pool liner. In addition, liner failure due to puncture is minimized and heat retention is improved. A smooth, easy to clean bottom and reduced indentations are just a few of the benefits of using HappyBottom Pool Pad.

Every pool needs a cove to protect the liner, but you have a choice. You can make the cove by hand using tons of dirt, or you can use Gladon’s patented Permanent Pool Cove.Our Permanent Pool Cove™ Offers These Advantages:Is easy to install and saves hours of difficult setup time.Eliminates liner failures due to cove wash out.Provides a smooth, flat surface for easy pool cleaning.Helps prevent corrosion of metal pool parts.
Armor Shield provides an important protective layer between a vinyl swimming pool liner and its sand or soil base. Unlike traditional foam padding, Armor Shield is a Polypropylene Geotextile blend that minimizes cuts and punctures to the vinyl liner caused by rocks, roots, grass and even GLASS! Armor Shield also reduces convective heat loss and provides a comfortable floor pad for the comfort of pool goers.