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Hayward Expert Line – Premium Products, Superior Warranties, Not Available Online!

  • Premium made products
  • Come with extended warranties.
  • Hayward also provides rebates when these items are installed by a pool professional
  • Exclusively available at brick & mortar stores only and not available online

Industry-leading cartridge, sand and D.E. above-ground filters and pump/filter systems offer dependable all-weather performance, simple maintenance and incredible water quality.


There are three different types of pool filters you will come across over the lifetime of owning a swimming pool. The filter is used together with your primary pool pump, which allows water to pass through before re-entering the pool. The filters you will run into, at one point or another, will be cartridge, diatomaceous earth (D.E.), and sand filters. It is suggested to get an oversized filter because a larger filter will provide you a longer period of time in between your cleanings. Depending on your location of residence, certain filter types will be used in favor over others. Make sure to speak to a local pool professional near you to ensure the proper filter type is being used for your backyard swimming pool. As with everything else in life, each type of filter has its pros and cons. However, when used properly, each filter type can do a remarkable job at keeping your pool nice and clean.

Sand Filters

A sand filter can capture particles in the 20-40 micron range and it becomes increasingly more efficient as it continues to filter on a regular basis. As with the D.E. filter, your sand filter will have to be backwashed when the gauge shows 8-10 psi over the starting value. Sand filters have the reputation of being the lowest maintenance of all the different pool filter types as it takes roughly 5 years before your first time replacing the sand.

Cartridge Filters

Unlike sand and D.E. filters, a cartridge filter does not require backwashing. Since backwashing is no longer required, your water balance tends to stay in its proper setting. This type of filter can capture particles as low as 10-20 microns, an improvement vs. sand but not quite as fine as D.E. The cartridge element is removed from the filter tank and hosed thoroughly with a high-pressure hose to remove dirt when the gauge falls between 8 – 10 psi over its starting value. A benefit to a cartridge filter is that it saves on the amount of water typically used to backwash the other filters. Cartridge filters are the fastest growing filtration type because it also gives you the support needed to be energy efficient.

Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) Filters

A D.E. filter is made from fossilized material called diatoms and can filter particles all the way down to 3-5 microns. This is pretty impressive because the width of a human hair typically ranges from 40-50 microns, so this filter will not have any issues cleaning out the smaller particles in your pool. For those who like to go late night swimming in a lighted pool, this is the filter you will want to use. Because this filter type can clean up even the smallest of particles, you will be more likely to see truly clear, crisp water being reflected in your pool. The D.E. filter uses a pressure gauge to indicate when it is time to backwash your product; typically when it reaches anything between 8-10 psi over its clean reading, you’ll know it time for a cleaning. While cleaning this filter, it is always a good idea to inspect for tears as any defect as such will call for a filter repair or replacement.

Engineered for even the most demanding conditions, Hayward’s single-speed, variable-speed and self-priming above-ground pool pumps lead the industry in dependability and performance.

Power-Flo LX

The PowerFlo LX is designed for the rigors of above ground and on-ground type swimming pools. PowerFlo LX sets the standard for value and performance.

Power-Flo Matrix

The PowerFlo Matrix has been engineered as a uniquely superior above ground pool pump.

Super Pump

Super Pump® is the world’s best-selling medium head pool pump. Efficient, dependable and proven, it has set the standard for excellence and value. Also available in our exclusive Expert Line addition as the Super Pump 700 which includes additional features, such as an enhanced totally enclosed fan-cooled motor design and top-mount wiring compartment for easy installation.

Hayward’s advanced line of heaters delivers the ultimate in comfort and energy efficiency while maintaining ideal pool & spa water temperature all season long.


Heating your pool is the best way to maintain a comfortable water temperature. Pool heaters extend your family’s pool season and allow everyone to enjoy a swim, long after the sun has gone down. What is the best method of heating your pool? It can be confusing! And finding the best quality equipment that delivers the highest energy and operational savings can be challenging. Let’s look at the benefits and options.

Benefits of Heating Your Pool

The benefits of pools are undeniable: fun, exercise, new skills, socialization, entertaining, strength building, stress reduction, and many more. It goes without saying that you’ll want to enjoy your pool as long as possible.

Heating your pool…

  • Allows swimming on cool days and nights
  • Expands your home-based exercise options 
  • Increases your activity and time outdoors
  • Upgrades your exercise and entertaining options
  • Improves your overall comfort and enjoyment

Heating Your Pool 

Gas Heater

Hayward Universal H-Series pool heaters are the most efficient heating solution for any pool or spa. They utilize a cupro nickel heat exchanger for value, performance, and reliability. Universal H-Series achieves up to 18-percent savings by reducing pump run time. In addition, they offer excellent salt water and chemical corrosion resistance.

Enhancing the Effect of Your Pool Heater

Pool Covers
In addition to heating your pool or spa, you can enhance the warming effect by adding a cover to maintain a comfortable water temperature. Using a swimming pool cover when the pool is not in use can significantly reduce your heating costs by as much as 50-70%.

Hayward automatic pool cleaners provide superior cleaning, reliability, and convenience for every pool owner. From groundbreaking robotic pool cleaners to high-performance pressure and suction cleaners, Hayward has your pool cleaning needs covered.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Top 5 Advantages for using a Robotic Pool Cleaner

  1.  Robotic Pool Cleaners use approximately the same amount of energy as a standard light bulb
  2.  Simple plug and play tool-free installation
  3.  Stand-alone, they operate independently from your pool’s existing filtration system
  4.  Handles virtually all types debris
  5.  Perfectly adapted for all pool shapes, types and finishes

Hayward offers a lineup of unique cleaners with proven, reliable technology. Our cleaners offer many exclusive innovations that drive superior performance and debris management. These cleaner characters add fun and interest to your pool and a clean pool is an inviting pool.


 Hayward pool cleaners offer innovative features, designs, and advanced engineering to work with every pool type and budget. Now it’s time to learn how to choose the right pool cleaner for your set up: