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Autumn Breeze

Beautifully designed wall with resin top rails and verticals are a winning combination. This pool will bring a lifetime of memories to any backyard.


Available with the 52′ Vitro galvanized steel wall.

This pool is definitely in a league of its own! Trevi

Copper Canyon

A beautiful design! As timeless as the classics, this beautiful pool will bring an “old world” elegance to your backyard.


The Trevi Cozumel Inspiration is our last and most innovative model, designed and built by our team of experts at the Trevi R&D Centre. This high-end above-ground pool is equipped with an 8-inch injection-moulded resin top-seat. With its red cedar or resin decorative inlays, its design is unique and cutting edge. This is a true round pool.

Desert Spring

One of the most beautiful pools on the market. The soft, curved frame and beautiful pattern will add an elegant simplicity to any backyard.

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